Sophie Monro-Pruett - Curriculum Vitae


“Alan Partridge The Movie” (Baby Cow Productions)- Costume Standby - 2nd January 2013- 8th March 2013
Costume Designer: Julian Day
Director: Declan Lowney

I was given the responsibility of organising and sorting Julian's storage unit, which involved a lot of physical work and organisation. This also involved selecting relevant costumes to become the running crowd stock.
Throughout the job I worked as second standby, being in charge of the continuity of lead characters and working as part of a small team to maintain smooth running of the department.

“Hey Diddly Dee” (Little Sprout Ltd)- Playhouse Presents/Sky Arts – Costume Standby - 14th December - 21st December 2012
Costume Designer: Jo Thompson
Director: Mark Wright

Worked as principal standby during the shooting days, with high profile names such as Kylie Minogue.
It was a very high pressure job, and it helped me understand the difference in making something for TV rather than film.
During the prep day, I helped source 1960's items using my own experience and judgement, and carried out pick ups and shopping as necessary.

“Dom Hemingway” - Costume Trainee - 6th October 2012- 7th December 2012
Costume Designer: Julian Day
Director: Richard Shepherd

I was predominantly on set working as a Standby for various lead actors, and also working within the costume truck maintaining an easy working environment for the team.
Working closely with a small team, I gained a lot of different experiences on this job such as travelling to the South of France, working intensively under rain cranes and dealing with mud/blood which I hadn't previously experienced as intensively.

“Seaside Stories” (Warp Films) – Costume Standby - 28th August 2012 for 25th Sept 2012
Costume Designer: Jo Thompson

My main role was as a principal standby, looking after the lead actors and costume continuity on set.
I had a lot of responsibility on this job, and worked independently on set for the majority of the time, within high pressure situations and at times looking after 4-5 actors at a time.
I adapted to a new continuity system, learning a different process and adapting quickly to the designer, Jo Thompson's, way of working.
I moved to Scotland for 4 weeks, which was a great learning experience and challenge.

“Caught in Flight/Diana” (Ecosse Films) - Costume Trainee - 11th June to 26th August 2012
Costume Designer: Julian Day
Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel

I carried out extensive research for the period (90s); providing references for crowd and principal fittings
Pulled costumes from 'Angels Costumiers' for crowd and principal fittings to size
Taken part in a buying trip to a vintage wholesalers for the crowd stock, and hand-picked relevant 90s pieces to fit the image of the film
Assisted Anna Reynolds (Costume Supervisor) on the two costume trucks (crowd/principal); doing continuity photos, sorting and organising principal and crowd stock, prepping clothes for the next day, and any other jobs such as shopping and hand-sewing
I have been doing crowd fittings throughout the film, with approval from Julian Day (Costume Designer)
I have experience doing crowd standby on set, and have taken on the responsibility of looking after principal actors and assisting the main costume standbys when necessary.

“Rush” - Costume Trainee - 6th February to 1st June 2012
Costume Designer: Julian Day
Director: Ron Howard

I was involved with a lot of prep work for 'Rush'; this included sorting out a very large quantity of stock bought from a wholesalers into sections/rails, sizing it all, washing, and prepping it for the shoot.
I refined a lot of basic sewing techniques; such as taking up trousers, sewing on buttons, sewing on badges.
I was involved with the majority of the crowd fittings; before and during the shoot. I would make sure we had pictures of every fitting and make sure they all got printed and filed correctly.
Once we started filming I began to take on more responsibility with fittings, under the guidance of Natalie Humphries (Crowd Supervisor), and was one of the main dressers for the female crowd by the end of the film.
I assisted Natalie on the truck also, helping with the more featured crowd members. I learnt how the truck runs smoothly, and what tasks need to be done in order for this to happen. I spent a lot of time organising and tidying the truck, going shopping for accessories for the crowd or for the truck, washing/ironing/prepping for the next day filming.
I also gained experience on set; I assisted the main costume standbys when necessary and took responsibility for different areas of the crowd on my own.

Ran my own Vintage Clothes Market Stall – Brick Lane - 1st September 2010 to 1st February 2012

By running my own small vintage clothing business, I have learnt how to distinguish different periods of clothing and learnt a lot about a wide variety of people too.
I took a very personal role with the customer, helping them choose items to suit them and in the process learning a lot about how people look at clothes, and how they look at themselves.
I made sure I knew a lot about the clothes I was selling, and subsequently learnt how to sell them on to members of the public.
I learnt how to take on a lot of responsibility, both financial and mentally! And I believe it has made me much more independent and hard-working.

Additional Experience:

Currently Fashion Editor of 'Noctis' Magazine – an online magazine set up by a group of creative friends (
Also have worked as a Fashion Stylist on editorial shoots for magazines and have my own website of work –


Full driving licence and car
Short Course at Central Saint Martins in Fashion Styling - 2010
Foundation Degree in Performing Arts – Bournemouth University - gaining a 2:1
3 A-Levels: Drama and Theatre Studies – A, English Literature – B, Psychology - B
4 AS-Levels (all A-C)
9 GCSEs (all A-B)